School to School Support



The work of system leaders such as national leaders of education (NLEs) and local leaders of education (LLEs) has demonstrated the power of school-to-school support in raising standards and improving outcomes for pupils.
School-to-school support can take many forms, but its ultimate aim is clear in that it should lead to school improvement as a result of purposeful collaboration which improves the leadership and quality of teaching and learning.

Teaching schools play an important role in leading the co-ordination and delivery of school-to-school support across their alliance. The St Helens Teaching School Alliance work collaboratively with the Local Authority to identify school improvement priorities in St Helens and as a result provide targeted support to schools in challenging circumstances to bring about sustainable improvement; either directly or indirectly.

Any school can approach The Teaching School Alliance to provide a ‘bespoke’ package of training. This may include: INSET days, Twlights, Staff meetings, planning support, scrutiny of work and feedback ect… This is not an exhaustive list of what we have to offer, it can be tailored to your needs. To find out more please look at the ‘bespoke package’ information; which includes pricing or contact: Lisa Bradshaw (Director of Teaching School) or 07446 463250 to discuss your specific training needs.

Schools in challenging circumstances include those identified as requiring improvement following Ofsted inspections, those below floor standards, where pupil attainment and progress is on a downward trajectory, or where there is a need to close the gap between between outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and their peers.
Teaching School is responsible for the designation and deployment of specialist leaders of education (SLEs), and increasingly LLEs, as well as the brokering and deployment of NLEs, national leaders of governance (NLGs) and other system leaders as part of a school-led, self-improving system.

The St Helens Teaching School Alliance recognises the reciprocal benefits of peer-to-peer support, and we will be relentless in working to ensure that school-to-school support leads to positive impact, with measurable outcomes, for all groups of pupils.

Please see the information regarding ‘Bespoke’ packages; including costings.

Please see the information regarding NLEs and LLEs working within St Helens.

A separate section is provided to find out more about SLEs, including recruitment and deployment.

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