New Key Performance Indicators for all Teaching Schools – from 2018 and beyond…


Teaching schools no longer have to deliver the ‘Big 6’.  The following 3 KPIs are delivery areas for 2018 and beyond:

School-led Initial teacher training (ITT) 

1.1. At least 15 teachers trained per year 

1.2. Percentage of trainee teachers who have secured a teaching post within 6 months is at or above national average

Continuing Professional Development and Leadership Development (CPLD)

2.1. At least 50 evidence based CPLD days delivered per academic year

2.2. At least 90% of participants believe that the CPLD activity they attended has or will help improve practice in their school and agree that the benefits of the CPD activity outweighed any short term impact on workload

School to school support (StSS)

3.1. Provide at least 30 days of deployment per academic year, to schools identified as in need of support 

3.2. At least 90% of support provided is rated as good or better by the supported school.

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